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Hadar / Project Zug – Money and Power Program Session 3

January 25, 2023 @ 7:00 pm 8:00 pm

The topic, Power and Money, introduces tricky dynamics and complicated moral questions into professional and personal relationships.   In a small group setting, we will explore what Jewish tradition teaches us about answering the following questions that arise in unequal relationships created by money and power

  • When do we speak up and when do we stay silent?  
  • When and how do we offer critical feedback? 
  • When do we speak truth to power and when do we flatter to avoid conflict?  
  • What moral standards should we require from those in power and what happens when they fail to meet those standards?  


Once you are registered, you will be assigned to one of two small groups which will become your Havruta. or learning partners. Each group will meet four (4) times during the month for one-hour sessions after reading the Project Zug learning materials and listening to a brief video. Each session’s discussion will be guided by questions developed by Project Zug and each individual’s personal experience. The first session will have formal leadership from Hadar, the sponsoring organization of Project Zug. For the other three sessions, we will interact on our own.  We will strive to keep the sessions on track and on time. For our initial participation in this program we are limiting registration to 8-12-interested individuals. Our goal is to give each participant time to think, express their thoughts, ask each other relevant questions, and engage in meaningful discussion about the effect on relationships of power and money in our work and  personal lives. ADVANCE PREPARATION IS ENCOURAGED, BUT NOT REQUIRED.

All are welcome.

Click HERE to join by Zoom.

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